Gold Hands has a long tradition

IWC is the only one

pilot watch professionally

It’s a brand that we’re working on.

as many as the 레플리카 pilot watch

in the dial in which dashboard has

It’s a beautiful beauty.

a classic, not so tired

I’m pulling out the design

I’m gonna get the details back

Especially a favorite watch.

Among them, IWC-lined

iwc portugiz 3714 gold hands

I’m going to try to review it once.

It’s a watch called a locust.

The case is stainless steel

It’s a good match for white dials.

iwc portugiz 3714 gold hands

It is also called 3714 for short.

The size is about 40.9mm

It’s a good thickness, so it’s small and big

It’s about the middle size that you don’t have.

So many people are big

I’m using it without any favor.

I’m not sure if you have a chronograph

it has the thin thickness

I’m getting a better look.

a little bit of sprained out of his watch shirt

I don’t think the chronographs

I’m proud of you.

The flower of the clock is also a movement

how elaborately you can

You need to see if it’s installed.

The chrono function is thin

The inside itself is already high

in the presence of technology

It is famous for the watchmen.

Power Reserve 44 hours. Two days

You should wind it up for once

You must not forget to do it.

Bezels are quite thin types.

I’m not the only one

It’s a thin, minimal-looking

I love classic design.

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to

I think I’m going to get lost and keep looking.

It was made exclusively for debuckles.

The leather strap is made of crocodile leather

it is soft and it wears

I can’t feel any sweep on my wrist.

because there’s a silver index

The cyanoids are excellent.

It’s an arabian number type

I can’t even get a glimpse of the casual feeling

It’s good enough.

If you look at the hands, you’ll find that

in detail

It creates a sophisticated style.

You can see the white dials, up and down,

That is, subdialls in 12 and 6

so I can feel a little sporty

It gives a casual feeling by self-evident.

I’m going to use the iwc Portugiz 3714 Gold Hands

It is mainly used as a dress watch.

IWC’s clocks are neat

Good for matching suits.

I’m not sure if I wear a watch

It’s good for making, so every time I go to a meeting

I wear this product.

The fit is so good

I think it’s an item attributable to you.

At first, the gold case

I’m not gonna be able to get a job

I’m so afraid it’s planned

Selected as a stainless steel model.

And besides the gold hands, the blue hands model

We’re famous together.

Blue hands are more normal

It’s a classic type

I like unusual things very much

The Blue Hands for the Unknown

I recommend it.

But I’m not sure I’m gonna have

iwc portugiz 3714 gold hands

It looks good in a stick of cake, so it’s in this color

I have made a choice.

You’re gonna have to be able to get more gold

I’d like to recommend it.

The original chrono is so

Because it has a very casual feeling

ambiguity for dresswatch

There’s a feeling.

But this product is very luxurious

It’s just right to bury it.

So both casual and suits have a digestive

It’s a good product, so it’s popular around

There are many.

The Portogisor is not a part of the

How to pull grace

I think you know that.

Especially since the middle is a convex leaf type

I’m gonna have to ease the cold feeling

I have a reasonable balance.

Not a rough man, but a dandy charm

A watch that can be maximized

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